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Our Approach

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Why a personal treatment plan matters

In breast cancer management, a personal treatment plan is essential. Your cancer has a particular biology, and it needs targeted therapy, not a one-size-fits-all treatment approach. As your breast specialist, we aim for the best possible outcomes, providing quality care and being mindful of the negative impact of some treatments.
At Perth’s Mount Hospital, we are in the best position to offer personalised treatment plans: Breast nurses to support you before and after surgery, excellent diagnostic services on campus and a state-of-the-art theatre setup.
Dr Diana Hastrich

Types of Breast Surgery

Breast Conserving Surgery

With this type of surgery, the breast is retained and the cancer is removed with a wide excision. In general, we look at breast conserving surgery as the preferred treatment.

Breast Conserving Surgery


With this type of surgery, we remove the entire breast. This treatment is advised if breast conservation is not possible, when the cancer is extensive or occurs in more than one area.
I believe that as a patient you deserve clear information about your options to achieve the best possible outcome. And I consider it my role as a surgeon to explain options and to guide you. In my many years as a surgeon I have learned that we are all different in how much information we need.
Dr Diana Hastrich Perth Breast Surgeon

Breast Surgeon Perth

About Dr Diana Hastrich

Dr Diana Hastrich - Breast Surgeon Perth
Dr Diana Hastrich - Breast Surgeon Perth

Why I became a breast surgeon

When I started my surgical training many years ago there were very few women role models. When I was starting my general surgery training, breast surgery was just beginning to be recognised as a subspeciality. After passing my fellowship exams I went to the UK to get further experience in operative surgery. After my time in the UK I initially returned to Melbourne but was drawn to Perth a couple of years later to start a job as a General Surgeon with a special interest in breast surgery at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and I worked to build my own private surgical practice at Mount Hospital.
When I was starting my general surgery training, breast surgery was just beginning to be recognised as a subspeciality. Research was starting to show that better outcomes could be achieved with less radical, deforming surgery.
Dr Diana Hastrich